US and German ambassadors visit Ecolog in Tetovo

On 16 and 17 December Ecolog hosted the US and German Ambassadors at its premises in Tetovo, Macedonia. The visits were initiated by both embassies, to gain a better understanding about Ecolog and to develop a broader view on Ecolog’s global activities.


Ambassador Jess Baily visiting the E-Academy

Mr. Jess Baily, American Ambassador to Macedonia, and Mrs. Christine Althauser, German Ambassador to Macedonia, visited the Ecolog office in Tetovo over two consecutive days. Both Ambassadors were interested to hear about the variety and quality of Ecolog’s services, and the way the company manages the complex supply chain and deliver its services to, in many cases, remote and challenging regions.

During both visits, senior management members of Ecolog presented the company and the strong development of its service portfolio since its foundation in 1998. Special attention was given to Ecolog’s business philosophy, which plays an important role in the development and support of the communities in which Ecolog operates.


Ambassador Christine Althauser and Mr. Lazim Destani

From recruitment and training of local people to partnering with local government, Ecolog continues to reinforce vulnerable community groups, provide support for small local entrepreneurs and contribute to environmental protection initiatives. Reliability is key for this integrated service solutions provider. With more than 1,000 projects under its belt, Ecolog has the experience and the expertise to manage essential, sometimes complex services for its clients – round the clock, anywhere in the world.