Three million hours free of Lost Time Injuries

Kuwait City, Kuwait, 15 January 2017

Ecolog Vice President – Q&S shares Ecolog’s successful HSE strategy and implementation, from an Oil & Gas contractors’ perspective

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are key aspects in the Oil & Gas world, often challenged by climate conditions, site remoteness and security conditions. In this context, the logistics and support services backing the operators are essential to ensure safe, sustainable and continuous operations.

The recent Kuwait International HSE conference & exhibition, held 15-16 February, with 2,500 participants from across the Middle East and Europe, focused in particular on these aspects.
Mr. Roy Griffin, Vice President Q&S at Ecolog, presented Ecolog’s pragmatic and innovative HSE strategy to the audience .

Ecolog, a turnkey provider of support services with operations in over 150 locations, has an integrated HSE footprint in all its contracts. This drives Ecolog to continuously develop its  HSE programs.

Mr. Griffin said: “Ecolog’s Q&S program was developed thinking differently towards the traditional concept of HSE. We wanted to stand out from the crowd but also make HSE user friendly and welcoming. Now in its fifth year, it has evolved with well developed, robust management systems, across all our contracts, resulting in the safest standards to our employees and customers.”

In Iraq, Ecolog Waste Management operations, in support of Shell in Majnoon, were recognized last year with the Seven Pillards Award, having performed three million hours free of Lost Time Injuries (LTI). As a result, the company was placed on Shell’s Global Contractors register as a Green Banded Company.

Ecolog is an active member of the UK’s leading safety charity RoSPA, which promotes safety, the prevention of accidents, and supports companies in improving their safety performance. With this membership, Ecolog supports the work of RoSPA and benefits from the expertise it provides to improve safety performance

Employee training and awareness are key in such a successful implementation. Mr. Griffin explains: “HSE starts with leadership, from active involvement of the CEO, to  all levels of the leadership teams. It sets the highest level of good practice within the various areas of responsibility. The commitment in developing a HSE culture, together with a Generative Organization, have a strong bearing on actual behavior and performance of our people. At Ecolog we work together to make it culturally unacceptable when safety rules are broken.”

To enhance further employee awareness, Ecolog also subscribes to the OHSA Academy, which provides in-depth training and development.

Mostly, Ecolog’s clients also have their own standards and regulations. The contractor then obviously needs to adapt to these criteria, while fulfilling its own objectives. Hence, Ecolog developed and implemented a global Integrated Management System (IMS) in order to modularize its HSE business practices, to best satisfy the requirements and expectations of the customers, and to continuously improve the overall management of the company.

Mr. Griffin explains: “Ecolog’s IMS brings our HSE and Food Safety programs together into one efficient and coherent System. It defines how Quality and Safety activities are conducted within our operations and acts as a repository for contract documentation, archiving/records, and past performance utilizing Microsoft SharePoint.”

The Ecolog IMS is also audited regularly by QMS International, a registered Certification company with the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkks), who themselves are members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Ecolog’s IMS is ISO certified for 9001:2015; 14001:2015; 22000:2005: OHSAS 18001:2007.

Overall, Mr. Griffin explained how Ecolog fosters and develops a healthy and safe working environment, compliant with all relevant local and international regulations. A message which was reinforced by Mr. Nizar M. Al Adsani, Deputy Chairman & Chief Executive Director of The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC): “(…) a company’s HSE strategy is of fundamental importance to the success and profitability of that company.”

A clear reminder that conducting business in a way that protects the interests of the wider community and minimizes any negative impact on the environment, also benefits the interest of a company and its clients.

About Ecolog

Ecolog is a leading global provider of customised camp facility and infrastructure services, supply chain and logistic solutions, and environmental services to Governments, Humanitarian organisations and Commercial market sectors like Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy and Retail.

Since the start of the company in 1998, Ecolog has successfully performed over 1,100 projects. With an extensive network of operations of more than 150 locations and with about 12,000 people active in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, Ecolog is able to quickly mobilise new operations as well as develop robust supply chains and total service solutions on a global scale. Ecolog has a strong and proven track record in delivering on-time and high-quality solutions that enhance the living and working conditions of the people they serve.