Supply Chain Management

Our robust state-of-the-art supply chain management system bridges the gap from the source to the client’s site, including last-mile distribution. We provide a complete range, including essentials such as water, food, fuel and consumables. In addition, we offer warehousing & distribution, material handling and fleet services.
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Food Supply

Equipped with multi-modal capabilities, our supply chain management system ensures reliable food supplies to all locations as our clients require. Our services provide agricultural products, both fresh produce and processed products.

We source from approved international suppliers, identify suitable products available in the marketplace and use our Supplier Evaluation Framework to ensure suppliers are organizationally sound, follow FSMS/HACCP controls, and comply with technical and product specifications.

Our large fleet of transport trucks includes vehicles with temperature-controlled storage and vehicles capable of transiting the most challenging terrain. We also partner with our established international logistics partners to provide air freight services, ship and barge transport and rail transport as required.

Water Supply

The quality of drinking-water is a powerful environmental determinant of health. The issue of access to potable water is essential, particularly when in areas where water is known to be unsafe.

Our water supply operations cover the entire water cycle. We provide our clients with potable and bottled water that exceeds safety and quality standards. We also operate quality systems for drinking water and provide scheduled testing in our state-of-the-art laboratories.

Our water supply services include transportation and waste-water treatment to ensure high standards of hygiene, freshness and purity.

Fuel and Energy

With many of our clients operating highly sophisticated equipment in challenging locations, we understand the importance of reliability and quality in the provision of fuel services. Sourcing, storage and delivery are included in our portfolio of fuel supply services. 

We operate under the strictest standards and conduct tests at all stages of the supply cycle, including our remote testing sites providing quality certificates to our clients and delivering the assurances they need to be confident that their fuel supplies are the best quality. 

We can deliver any volume of high-quality fuel and natural gas without delay. To complete the circle, we established our own fuel storage facilities to respond to any volume demand and to ensure our client's mobility and energy supply remain uninterrupted.

Material Handling Services and Fleet Management

We provide vehicle and material handling equipment operations, maintenance and rental services. As part of our fleet management and operation services, we provide operators and perform full maintenance, as well as accident and minor repairs.

Our fleet management department manages all company transportation fleet of vehicle including MHE and construction equipment through operations and maintenance , servicing, repairs, provision of parts and consumable, vehicle tracking and replacement. We provide all types of heavy equipment for short-term rentals or long-term leases, with or without operators.

Multi-Modal Transport

In today’s competitive environment, clients need a supply chain partner that can deliver through air, sea, land and rail transportation. We work with clients to optimise their operations with our multi-modal services with a single point of contact under a single contract, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs. 

Our multi-modal solutions deliver flexibility and reliable lead times with significantly reduced carbon footprints. These services are complemented by the full suite of services including customs house brokerage, cross-docking, consolidation and reverse logistics.


Today’s warehousing services go beyond storing items. We provide clients with comprehensive warehousing management systems that manage the flow of goods, components and information to optimise productivity across diverse industries. We have adopted Lean Logistics Principles that are the latest in management techniques. These have become a part of our company culture no matter where we operate and this has translated into improved delivery performance, lower operating costs and improved processes.