Infrastructure Projects Development

We design and build major infrastructure such as roads and bridges, plants for electricity generation, water purification, waste-water treatment, waste recycling, waste incineration and hazmat treatment.

We build laboratories and fuel facilities, and install telecom towers and force-protection features.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction projects are managed through SAP Project System and Ecolog’s Mobile City System, an in-house developed system, which provides easy monitoring and controlling of the planning phase of the project.

The project is structured with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with the first level being based on the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) , which then subdivides project elements up to the required level of detail and control requirement are fulfilled. It represents a deliverable oriented structuring that organizes and defines the scope of the project.

Our engineering and construction team follows the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) standards in planning construction projects. The project planning process is initiated through understanding and analysis of customer requirements. Ecolog’s capabilities are benchmarked against the requirements and possible solutions are analyzed and evaluated.

Our architects create an Architectural View where all architectural objects required in the scope of work are identified. Based on the Architectural view a number of drawings are then completed to communicate the design concepts. Furthermore, our interior designer makes sure that the requirements of the project are met while ensuring the provision of a functional, comfortable, and a visually appealing design.