Eco-Care Solution

Comprehensive and integrated solution, aiming at economic continuity and public health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented medical and economic crisis upon the world, impacting severely all areas of daily life. Countries on all continents are suffering, healthcare systems are at the brink of collapsing and countermeasures are taking an extremely heavy toll on the world´s economy and businesses.

Eco-Care Solution provides a comprehensive set of services and products to a variety of stakeholders worldwide, ranging from Governments and public sector to multinational organizations and the wider business community. These solutions have been developed specifically to contain, decelerate and efficiently address the pandemics such as COVID-19.

Eco-Care Solution includes 3 main pillars:

1. Rapid Screening & Diagnostics (Ecolog – RSD): A comprehensive system, leveraging a fleet of rapid testing stations in key locations and a network of connected Labs to conduct complementary diagnostic tests.

2. Smart Disinfection Solution (EDS): includes influx outfit disinfection prior to entry and facility disinfection.

3. Rapid Care Park™: The integrated solution will provide end-to end services including flexible ventilation and ICU capacity to reduce the load on the healthcare system and allow hospitals and clinics to allocate the “clean capacity” to essential operations.

Despite considerable development of new technologies, fast and reliable testing for COVID-19 remains a major challenge. Ecolog’s Rapid Screening and Diagnostics (RSD) is a comprehensive, turnkey and mobile system including a fully staffed and digitalized screening and diagnostic unit providing large-scale testing capacity and flexible infrastructure for current and evolving testing methods. This highly flexible and rapid deployable Screening + Testing + Diagnostics Solution is for various groups within the population and a key element in the first step towards regaining control.

In cooperation with our specialist partners, we have developed a modular and highly mobile test unit with a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test capacity of 1,000 per day. The test regimes, sample-logistics and delivery infrastructure can be adapted to specific needs and are designed to incorporate rapidly advancing testing solutions.

To meet requirements for rapid deployment we build and establish facilities simultaneously.

The establishment of testing facilities is phased and can be finalized within 14-28 days following activation, with timelines mainly depending on testing methodology, geographical location and facility type.

Ecolog has a substantial pool of qualified staff on stand-by for deployment. Based on the project parameters and deployed location requirements, we will provide an optimum solution for our clients.


  • Solutions are scalable to support large numbers
  • End-to-end management of mobilization and operations
  • Rapid mobilization
  • Scalable modular infrastructure
  • Minimal stakeholder interface
  • Highest standard of facilities

Our Smart Disinfection Solution includes influx outfit disinfection prior to entry and facility disinfection focused on improving industrial and process hygiene. Ecolog’s Disinfection Solution 4.0 (EDS-4.0) focuses on providing defense, aviation, transportation, energy, food processing and manufacturing sectors with an integrated green, non-chemical and safe solution and reducing the load on healthcare systems while supporting public and private sectors’ effort to resume economic flow.

In collaboration with Treox Industry GmbH, a pioneering and innovative producer of proprietary active substance disinfection from Germany, we offer a seamless solution that also uses 100% biodegradable, non-chemical and green active substances.

Treox D’s active substance disinfectant quickly eliminates viruses, bacteria, germs and other microorganisms and does not tolerate resistance and mutations. It contains only activated and ionized components of water and salt and is non-toxic, non-irritant, environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Certified by various institutions, this German made solution is a result of several years of research and testing.

Ecolog’s Rapid Care Park is self-sustaining and liberates the established healthcare system from additional burden created by pandemics. Overloaded healthcare systems are creating a backlog of elective procedures while a pandemic increases demand beyond capacity of infrastructure and medical staff. As the world sees substantial increases in regional or global outbreaks of infectious diseases, our integrated mobile solutions can help healthcare systems be better prepared for the immediate demand and for future crisis.

The Rapid Care Park provides all services within a fully integrated complex built and operated jointly by Ecolog and RPR Group. The infrastructure remains mobile and can be deployed and re-deployed in different regions depending on the specific requirements of our customers, i.e. our Rapid Care Park can include an ICU and quarantine facility and be equipped with any advanced medical equipment from our partners such as ventilators, x-rays or CT-scans to fulfill specific needs.