Smart multi-modal supply chain unlocks Central African Republic

Bangui, Central African Republic, … January 2017

Since Ecolog was awarded its contract by the United Nations mission MINUSCA in the Central African Republic in September 2014, the company manages successfully the delivery of 1.5 million kilograms of food and water every month to 22 different locations in the Central African Republic.

Despite the extreme difficult circumstances due to security issues and a lacking road infrastructure, Ecolog services about 12,000 people working for the United Nations, US Embassy and the European Union on a daily basis with catering, food & water supply. Besides these vital life support services, Ecolog is also providing full camp services as maintenance, laundry, cleaning and waste management services. To maintain the continuous delivery of its services, Ecolog has organised a multi-modal supply chain including air cargo, a large self-owned fleet of transport vehicles and a state-of-the-art multi-temperature warehouse in Bangui.

Also the local communities benefit from Ecolog’s presence in the Central African Republic. Currently, Ecolog employs about 375 local people at its projects the Central African Republic. During 2016, about 30 local companies have been engaged to provide a wide range of services for activities like labour supply, fleet rent and local procurement of goods. Every Ecolog employee, also contracted from local companies, is being trained and receives education to perform according to international quality and safety standards. These learning experiences will be beneficial for their future careers as well and will enable them to share this knowledge ‘at home’ to improve their standards of living.

Paul Broekhuijsen, CEO Ecolog, says: “Ecolog is trusted partner for a great number of governmental and humanitarian organisations that are involved in critical peace-building, humanitarian and development missions all around the world. Already since 2005, Ecolog is supporting NATO missions in countries like Afghanistan, the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa with a broad variety of services. It is a great compliment to our company and our people that our customers have a strong confidence in our company. The services we deliver in the Central African Republic are complex due to the fierce conditions we have to cope with to provide the people of the missions with food, water all kind of facility services every day. We are not only proud to be part of these important missions but also recognise the importance to involve local people and local companies to work with us.”


About Ecolog

Ecolog is a leading global provider of customised camp facility and infrastructure services, supply chain and logistic solutions, and environmental services to Governments, Humanitarian organisations and Commercial market sectors like Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy and Retail. Since the start of the company in 1998, Ecolog has performed over 1,000 projects and is now active with about 12,000 people in more than 150 locations around the world.

A major part of Ecolog’s services in the Central African Republic are delivered to the United Nations Integrated Stabilization Mission (MINUSCA) which is concerned with security matters, providing humanitarian assistance, protection of human rights and providing support for justice and the rule of law in the region. Current Services provided by Ecolog to MINUSCA are: Food Rations, Bottled Water and lease of Reefer Containers and as well as storing and delivering UN owned food and CRP’s (Composite Ration Packs).

During the initial set-up of the operating facilities a state-of-the-art multi-temp warehouse in Bangui, a bakery facility to cater the UN troops with 40 tonnes of bread every month and various turn-key installed camp facilities have been built.  Ecolog employs more than 300 Ecolog support staff and about 375 local people to deliver these services to the client. During 2016 Ecolog has involved 30 local companies to deliver different types of services to Ecolog as fleet rent, labour supply and local procurement.