Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Design

Our team follows international design practice capable of producing innovative architecture and design around the world. Our projects exhibit a unique approach to solve complex design problems, regardless of scale or type.

The engineering team has considerable experience and a proven track record in the construction of both military and civilian facilities in underdeveloped countries, particularly in war zones and crisis areas, as well as developed countries and urban areas. We provide engineering and construction services for temporary and permanent facilities aimed for industrial infrastructures in remote areas. Temporary camp options include tents, containerized accommodations, and pre-fab constructions.

We build any required permanent accommodation facilities, which can vary from medical centers, administration buildings, heliports, parking structures, workshops, warehouses, and kitchen and dining facilities. To support the operations of these facilities, we also designs and constructs major infrastructures such as roads and bridges, and plants for power generation, water purification, waste handling, and hazmat treatment.

We can also build laboratories and fuel facilities, and install telecom towers and force-protection features.


As an organization that is always focused on quality assurance, we built a specialized construction team within the organization that develops customized solutions specifically designed in accordance with customer requirements.

Our extensive construction experience comes with first class knowledge and expertise in developing a structure and a process that meets the operational needs of a construction.

We have conducted feasibility studies, project development planning, technology evaluation and recommendations, risk-management assessment , global sitting, construct ability reviews, asset and life-cycle optimization and front-end engineering.

We are able to provide a broad array of construction solutions, starting with site preparation to the construction of temporary and permanent buildings until infrastructure works like roads, walkways, parking areas, landscaping, fencing, and force protection constructions.

Our construction management process integrates the engineering , procurement and construction functions from start to finish.

Project Management

We have successfully managed more than 1100 projects in many countries worldwide and mostly under very challenging conditions.  Highly skilled management teams with proven track record even in challenging environments, while maintaining exceptional quality assurance with the highest international standard certifications.

Our experts in relevant fields develop the project through all the stages of a projects life-cycle