Technical Facility Management

Among their 12,000 employees from more than 30 nations, Ecolog can rely on services from technicians with a broad range of capabilities and specialized training. Ecolog is able to construct and maintain camps as well as the necessary infrastructure. Among the work force, Ecolog can rely on trained electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, all trained in many locations worldwide and thus able to handle any unforeseen challenges.

Ecolog’s Technical Facility Management covers a broad range of services. To name just a few examples of the services Ecolog delivers… Ecolog’s electrical technicians inspect and check generator operation on a regular basis to ensure that generators function without any problems. Electrical lines are checked daily for proper operation. Fuel lines, connections welds, elbows, and valves are examined daily for proper operation. Water treatment plants are managed meticulously to guarantee flawless operation. In general Ecolog undertakes the full operation and maintenance of all the processes and equipment the company has under its management.