Infrastructure Services

We design and build major infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and plants for electricity generation, water purification, waste-water treatment, waste recycling, waste incineration and hazmat treatment.  We build laboratories and fuel facilities, and install telecom towers and force-protection features. Operations in Mali may serve as an example for the capabilities of Ecolog to support operations in a country that is lacking infrastructure. Ecolog has established 20 locations throughout Mali, with our headquarters in Bamako. We built roads, camps, and air conditioned warehouses; established a supply chain; and constructed facilities for catering, vehicle maintenance, and waste incinerating plants, to which waste is delivered by our waste collection vehicles. This is also how Ecolog supports more than 30,000 troops of UN peacekeeping missions and the NSPA (Dutch Army) with catering, food, and water in Mali, and other african countries.