Ecolog is a leading global provider of customized camp facility and infrastructure services, supply chain and logistics solutions, and environmental services that span the entire value chain. Ecolog is able to mobilize new operations quickly as well as develop robust supply chains and total service solutions on a global scale. They possess a proven track record in delivering on-time and high-quality solutions that enhance the living and working conditions of the people they serve.

Reliability is key for Ecolog. Therefore, Ecolog is committed to operating in accordance with the highest international standards of quality and compliance, like ISO and OHSAS, at all levels of operation. To respond to the growing complexity and scale of their operations, companywide ERP systems are installed in every process of the operations. Clients of Ecolog can count on an experienced, qualified, and highly dedicated workforce to maintain the highest standards and to deliver the best solutions.

Ecolog provides a broad variety of services in the areas of:

  • Engineering & Construction
  • Camp Support
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Environmental Services