Oil & Gas

Holistic support services

Ecolog provides holistic integrated solutions for Oil & Gas companies during exploration, field geological assessments, drilling and seismic operations, well development, construction and peak production operations.

Ecolog is the Oil & Gas industry’s one-stop shop solutions for infrastructure and camp construction, as a BOT (Build – Operate – Transfer) project if required, and support services, managing the camp in all its aspects, including operations and maintenance, catering and potable water supply, retail and leisure services, cleaning and waste management, power supply and telecom services.


Ecolog has also built first-hand experience in mitigating operations footprint and environmental impact, with specialized and hazardous solid and liquid waste management, soil, muds and liquid decontamination and site remediation.

As a single provider, Ecolog is the right partner to streamline operations and costs, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety everywhere we operate.