Government & Defense

Failure is not an option

Ecolog was among the first contractors to deploy in Afghanistan at the beginning of the ISAF mission, as well as in Iraq. Since then, Ecolog has been consistently and reliably delivering mission-critical support services with the highest international standards of quality.

Ecolog’s excellent reputation is built on having delivered a broad variety of services, ranging from rapid deployment and construction, to camp support services including catering, supply chain & logistics and environmental services.

With thousands of personnel and assets deployed, together with extensive in-country experience, Ecolog also provides support for retrograde operations, deconstruction, hazardous waste management, decontamination and soil remediation.

Urban environment

Ecolog also provides municipalities with long-term turnkey service solutions for the management of urban infrastructure.

Ecolog’s consulting services advise on waste management, traffic management and urban development procedures and ensure implementation, including the provision and management of waste-treatment, recycling and water-purification plants.
Ecolog also handles the collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of solid and liquid waste, community cleaning, landscaping, urban environment cleaning and maintenance.