Nazif Destani


Nazif Destani

Nazif Destani is the founder of Ecolog.

He founded Ecolog over two decades ago as a business providing support services for international peacekeeping forces and related global organizations’ projects during their missions in remote and non-remote locations.

Nazif ’s keen vision to identify international market needs and make strategic business decisions, brought up the centralization of a dispersed market into a united one which revolutionized the industry.

Ecolog, which began as single support-service business, witnessed exponential growth in turnover, employee base, operations, new markets and industries, with a broad global presence and an international team of professionals ready to support clients every day, everywhere.

Later, Nazif stepped down from the day-to-day senior executive role at Ecolog, allowing a pool of experienced C-level executives to take the wheel of Ecolog so that he could drive his new initiative, nd group.

Nazif Destani was awarded among other recognitions, the title ‘Dr. Honoris Causa’ by the South East European University – North Macedonia, for his achievements as an entrepreneur.

Additionally, Nazif Destani is founder and owner of the international investment company ND Group, which invests across a wide range of industries and geographies.