Abraham Sabbagh

Managing Director

Abraham Sabbagh

Abraham Sabbagh is Ecolog’s Operations Managing Director.

Before being named Operations Managing Director of Ecolog, Abraham served initially as CFO of the division  and then promoted to regional COO of Ecolog. Recently, Abraham was the CFO of the mother company of Ecolog, ND Group B.V.

Abraham, has held senior finance and operational roles within a number of multinational businesses.

He began his career in the healthcare industry before acquiring, growing and selling a healthcare business in the US. He later joined a leading contracting company in Dubai as Group CFO securing financing structures and stabilizing the business for acquisition during the 2008 financial crisis. Abraham was CFO for a number of high net worth family businesses in the region, overseeing M&A and consolidation of numerous companies across two continents, before joining a multi-national logistics and infrastructure company as its CFO and later its COO.

Abraham holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from University of Nevada-Las Vegas, USA.