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Professional Appraiser (NATO member country)

Kabul, Afghanistan | Application Deadline: 15 March 2020
Job Summary
The candidate should be able to conduct Professional Appraisals (PA) to verify whether the structure has adequate capacity against the applied loads and that the fixed access systems and platforms are fit for purpose.
Key Responsibilities / Duties
  • Review, interpret, apply and explain complex rules, regulations, codes, laws and ordinances related to property valuation appraisal.
  • Apply the principles and techniques of physical inspection and appraisals for real and personal property.
  • Collect, evaluate and summarize factors relating to appraisals, business property acquisitions, exemptions and appeals.
  • Perform and interpret complex arithmetic calculations, compute ratios and percentages, calculate square footage of property and land improvements.
  • Organize, process and evaluate data and ideas to make effective decisions and develop appropriate solution, that will meet the needs of customers within the scope.
  • Structural Analysis – sources of data, the basis of the applied loading, approach to analysis and definition of how the capacities of structural members and connections are expressed.
  • Current and automated methods, principles, terminology and techniques used to appraise residential, commercial, special purpose, multi-use and transitional properties.
  • Results of Analysis – overall summary, in tabular format, of Usage Factors for the principal structural components, primary connections and foundations.
  • Conduct Condition Inspections (CI) to verify whether the structure is in a satisfactory condition and that the fixed access system and work platforms are fit for purpose i.e. safe to climb.
  • Ability to speak and write effectively in English.
Job Requirements
  • Chartered or Professional Engineer registered as a Corporate Member with a nationally recognized Civil or Structural Engineering professional institute.
  • Professional Appraiser Certificate nationally recognized within NATO member countries.
  • Minimum of six (6) years relevant experience in the appraisal and construction of the type and complexity of the structures involved.
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