Ecolog Story

Ecolog, today a market-leading global provider of life-support services in more than 20 countries and more than 150 locations worldwide, was founded as a business over a decade ago by Nazif Destani.

Ecolog began offering services for clients such as Bundeswehr (German Forces), NATO, US Army and many more and was among the first contractors providing services to the international security forces and other organizations in missions such as KFOR, ISAF in Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom. While performing numerous projects with a great success in support of clients, Ecolog identified that the support services market was dispersed, with each company specializing in a single service segment; consequently, Ecolog started building a strategy that revolutionized the market in the sense of providing a unique offer of self-performed integrated service solutions.

Namely, within a short period of performance the company augmented its service portfolio from few support services to whole range of construction services, facility management and custodial services, water treatment, catering, fuel supply and distribution. In fact, after few years Ecolog was providing everything and anything needed to support missions in areas with limited or no infrastructure at all. It was a significant and new direction for a service company in remote and challenging areas, surpassing service levels already provided by more established companies. Providing the full range of services with self-performance did not only enable the clients to better focus on their core mission and facilitate their administration by dealing with a single contractor, but also increased the cost efficiency by using economies of scale in the supply chain and related resources.

Offering our customers solutions and expertise through a wide array of comprehensive services at competitive prices, was not the only objective that Nazif Destani set forth for Ecolog – performing at world-class quality has been a paramount in any project no matter the challenges of remote sites. To this extent, Ecolog is proud to have been the first company to invest and operate in state of the art waste disposal plants in remote sites, such as Afghanistan, in accordance with the stringiest international standards.

This exclusive approach distinguished the company in the remote sites services industry and became the very essence of the company vision and strategy.

Meanwhile, Ecolog established serious presence in Germany, Macedonia, Kuwait, Turkey, China and UAE, with Dubai representing the corporate headquarters.

The expansion followed with establishing Ecolog’s presence in the USA and appointing (R) General Steve L. Arnold, the first President of Ecolog USA, as part of the executive leadership team. Besides building Ecolog’s presence in the USA, Gen. Arnold was charged with the role of developing the government services sector and driving the implementation of a new operations model to respond to the company’s intensive growth and achieve the band of excellence in service delivery.

Having reached this stage of company development, the founder, Nazif Destani, —arguing that the company now requires different kind of management attention, while his focus and strength is in steering the vision and developing new entrepreneurial ventures — made a rather untypical move for a young successful entrepreneur, by deciding to step back from the day-to-day activities and entrusting Ecolog’s Operations to a team of senior executives.

The drive for continuous improvement extended including the implementation of ISO standards at all levels of operations. Moreover, responding to the growing complexity and scale of operations and the vision for future growth, the company implemented SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions. After an ambitious implementation period of 15 months, Ecolog now runs SAP in every function from supply chain, project management, finance and HR functions, to customer relationship management.

In synchrony, Ecolog developed a unique service line providing outsourcing solutions for municipalities. Furthermore, the company expanded its service solutions to the Oil and Gas and Mining industries offering both on shore and off shore solutions to an expanding number of locations globally.

Recently, Ecolog is now one of the contracted companies by the United Nations to support the deployment of their peacekeeping troops worldwide. For instance, Ecolog manages the logistics and supply chain of tens of thousands blue helmets to provide them daily with food and potable water.

Ecolog counts on a pool of talent of team of over 12,000 experiences, committed and dedicated provides hundreds of thousands of people with support services while meeting international safety and health standards and our clients’ exact service requirements efficiently and consistently, every day.

While Ecolog is still a young company, it continues to pursue its ambitious growth vision and make significant contributions to the development of the service industry.

We are proud that today our way of work and service solutions and many of new processes have become an accepted model and benchmark standard by our customers.