Ecolog says Yes, to Shkëndija Football Club

The one-stop-shop, integrated service solutions company had been widely suggested as being ideal to take over the Club, in a widespread public and social media campaign.

Macedonia, Tetovo

In a video message disseminated on social media and immediately shared by tenths of thousands of rejoiced fans, Ecolog announced that it would acquire the Shkëndija Football Club, in Macedonia. For several weeks, supporters of KF Shkëndija, the Ballistët, soon followed by fans from around the world, had been advocating that Ecolog would be the ideal company to take over the Club.

The campaign, deemed “Ecolog say Yes!” had been relayed online in social media and also across cities including Macedonia, Germany, Kosovo and Albania, as the KF Shkëndija, more than a football club, is a symbol of the culture of the city, a part of the history and heritage of the region, not only in Pollog but also everywhere Albanians live.

The KF Shkëndija, which home stadium is the City Stadion Tetovo, currently plays in the Macedonian First League and during the 2010-11 season won its first major championship, with an unbeaten run of 16 games.

Ecolog, founded more than a decade ago by Mr. Nazif Destani to support peacekeeping missions in the Balkans, is today a market-leading global provider of life support services, present in seventeen countries and more than a hundred locations worldwide.

Mr. Nazif Destani’s entrepreneurship and drive, successfully developing Ecolog into a multinational company employing more than 12,000 people from Macedonia, the Balkans and 35 other countries, has always been very keen in referring to his region of origin and roots.

The opportunity to associate Ecolog with this iconic football club obviously takes on a very emotional dimension, which had to be a component of the equation, as well as a pragmatic approach typical of this visionary entrepreneur, who formed a working group consisting of senior executives and international consultants with experience in the management of professional football clubs, to study the project and its feasibility.

The announcement was made by his father, Mr. Lazim Destani, the Chairman of the Advisory Board, himself a successful businessman and active philanthropist in his home country and abroad.

Mr. Lazim Destani said: “Our answer comes after a very thorough review from our working group which resulted in clear and conclusive information and a complete plan that helped our decision. The plan includes long-term objectives for the club, independent and professional management.

Our goal overall is transform the Shkëndija Football Club to become a reference, professionally managed and abiding by the principles and rules of sport. Rules should not be merely words written on paper, but reflected in our everyday actions and for every game, starting from the behavior of fans, club officials, and respect for the opponents, the referees, and positive spirit.”

The message also announced further milestones in the coming days, when the new management of the Club will unveil its strategy for the new season 2013-14 and future plans.