Ecolog presents capabilities at Defence Logistics Eastern Europe

Prague, March 9th 2017

As part of the Defence Logistics Eastern Europe, Mr. Andre Hansen, presented Ecolog’s experience and recommendations on “Contractor Support to Operations – a way to enhance sustainability”.

In the context of NATO’s engagement towards Eastern Europe, Mr. Hansen highlighted Ecolog’s expertise and track records in supporting deployed military around the world, with current operations in Germany and Kosovo.

The presentation provided a strategic view into the commercial sector, illustrated with best practices, case studies and lessons learned from Ecolog’s extensive experience in the field, fitting the Alliance requirements for a robust civil/military logistics structure and supporting capabilities.

Ecolog’s capabilities were illustrated at a booth displaying some of Ecolog’s services dedicated to the needs of the NATO Alliance, such as logistics, camp support services, rapid deployment and turnkey solutions services.

A reliable supply chain is effectively the backbone of an effective armed forces deployment.

Recently, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence awarded a contract of strategic importance to Ecolog, for food supply and delivery in support to all their overseas personnel worldwide.

Rapid deployment is also a key component to an effective armed forces deployment, as demonstrated by Ecolog for the EUFOR mission in Central African Republic, with the UCATEX project.  This mission, for which a complex construction of a 1,000-man camp was realized in record time, and followed by full camp services, was deemed a success, still described on the European Union website.

Mr. Andre Hansen said: “With NATO’s current focus towards Eastern Europe, the Alliance is looking to ascertain its reliance on the Industry and ensure smooth coordination. Ecolog’s performance and breadth of services are well known in decision-making circles and have been put to the challenge successfully many times in the past. We look forward to more opportunities for cooperation and be able to providing turkey solutions services and ad hoc customized solutions. “