Ecolog presents to the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense

Sofia, April 20th 2017

Ecolog, represented by Mr. Andre Hansen, was invited to present Ecolog’s capabilities and experience at the Annual logistics Seminar of the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria. During his presentation to the senior staff of the different army corps,
Mr. Hansen shared his perspective and key success factors to ensure a successful industry capability integration into Military logistics. Based upon his personal experience and Ecolog’s successful support to military deployments in conflict areas, standing locations and in the context of exercises, Mr. Hansen highlighted the challenges and his recommendations to successful operations.

Logistics are the backbone of such missions, with a robust and reliable supply chain paramount to effective armed forces deployments, either permanent or temporary.

Recently, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence awarded a contract of strategic importance to Ecolog, for food supply and delivery in support to all their overseas personnel worldwide. More than 7,000 British troops will be supported in exercise missions, standing locations and with in-flight meals in 12 countries, on three continents.

Ecolog will deploy multimodal routes to provide efficient, tailor-made delivery solutions, under any conditions, supported by a vast network of warehouses and key suppliers base, to ensure availability of compliant products at all times.

Mr. Andre Hansen said: “Ecolog’s performance and breadth of services are well known and have been put to the test successfully many times in the past. We look forward to more opportunities for cooperation and be able to providing turnkey solutions services and ad hoc customized solutions. “