Ecolog is the best…

Ecolog has been supporting the Bundeswehr (German Federal Forces) for more than a decade now, with its customary commitment to quality and customer service, including in Afghanistan, Camp Marmal, where the German Armed forces are positioned.

Among the many services that Ecolog provides, like catering, facility management, waste management and more, laundry is always a very important component of the daily life of the soldiers.
We had the surprise to recently hear this song composed and broadcasted by the Regional Radio Andernach ISAF team in Mazar-e-Sharif, the Bundeswehr soldiers’ radio in Afghanistan, with a range of programmes, such as news, music, and greetings from home to inform and to entertain. The Radio Andernach Ecolog song 2013 featuring Phil and Basty was broadcasted first on December 15th, in their regional program from Afghanistan and triggered a lot of positive feedback.

“This certainly speaks well for the reputation that your employees enjoy here in the camp.” mentioned Tobias Bach, first lieutenant and editor in chief at Radio Andernach.

Ecolog is obviously very proud of such a fantastic response to the efforts and dedication of our team in camp Marmal and everywhere else in the world.

We cannot think of a more rewarding feedback than this song dedicated to one of our services and cannot help but wonder how many companies in the world can claim that a song was made by their happy customers to praise their services?…

And a great song, that many of us have already been humming all day long!