Ecolog International celebrates Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s 93rd birthday in Skopje

Ecolog continued its proud tradition of fostering relations between the UK and North Macedonia when it sponsored celebrations to commemorate the 93rd birthday of Her Majesty the Queen of England for the second year running. While the date for the celebration varies across Commonwealth countries, traditionally, the British monarch celebrates her birthday on the second Saturday in June. This year, the British Embassy in North Macedonia marked the occasion in Skopje at the trendy Museum of Contemporary Art on Thursday, 13 June, with an event that brought together members of the diplomatic corps, government officials, the business community and members of the media. In her feature address, the British Ambassador to North Macedonia Her Excellency Rachel Galloway highlighted the importance of the long-standing relationship between the United Kingdom and North Macedonia. She also addressed the importance of Ecolog International’s importance for the British government, by saying :

“We are deeply grateful to Ecolog for their support tonight. Ecolog provides facilities management, supplies construction to the UN, EUFOR and NATO, all around the world, including six countries that have a permanent British presence. Without them, we and many other governments would not be able to maintain our peacekeeping missions and operations around the world” , noted Ambassador Galloway.

Abraham Sabbagh, Ecolog’s Managing Director for Operations led the Ecolog delegation and reiterated that the long standing relationship between North Macedonia and the United Kingdom was one that Ecolog valued. “Ecolog is a proud provider of essential services to UK missions across the globe, and given that Tetovo is home to our operations, we are very supportive of continued bilateral cooperation between the UK and North Macedonia.”

Ecolog has been supplying and delivering supplies to all deployed British troops for the past two years. The company recently achieved TRACEcertification and is a member of the UN Global Compact, joining over 9,500 participating companies that commit to reducing human rights violations, improving labour conditions and implementing sustainable environmental solutions. Ecolog is also a member of the World Economic Forum, and heads several social responsibility projects across Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Visit to learn more about Ecolog’s operations in the United Kingdom and across the globe.