Ecolog hands over rebuilt school in Afghanistan

The one-stop-shop, integrated service solutions company, present in Afghanistan since 2002, completed the refection of a school, in cooperation with Bundeswehr.

Afghanistan, Mazar-i-Sharif

The children from Sultan Baba Ali Sher, outside Mazar-i-Sharif, had previously not been able to attend classes when the weather was inclement, due to bad isolation and gaping holes in the roof of their school, which meant that it was raining in their classrooms.


Ecolog, in cooperation with the Bundeswehr, took the initiative to fix the school and recently completed the work, which concluded in a handover ceremony held today in the presence of Mr.Mohammad Amin, Maliq (Mayor) of Sultan Baba Ali Sher, Brigadier General Klement and Lieutenant Colonel Neitemeyer  from Bundeswehr and personnel from Ecolog.


Also present, accompanied by their parents, were the rejoiced children who discovered their new classrooms and additionally were gifted a brand new school bag, containing useful supplies and notebooks, all donated by Ecolog.

Present in Afghanistan more than a decade, Ecolog and its thousands of employees have been living alongside populations and contributing to improve their living conditions whenever possible.


In the case of the Sultan Baba Ali Sher school, the engineering & construction teams of Ecolog were at work, while some other initiatives may involve waste management, street cleaning or water purification teams and capabilities, besides the company’s regular charitable actions.