Ecolog Extends its Social Responsibility Partnerships in Central African Republic

Just over 1 000 students will now have even more resources available to them as a result of a newly minted relationship between Ecolog and the University of Bangui in the Central African Republic (CAR). As Ecolog continues to demonstrate its commitment to local communities by developing robust social responsibility programmes, the decision to outfit a state-of-the-art computer lab on the Bangui campus was as a result of months of discussions about possible stakeholder initiatives between Ecolog and the higher education institution.

In attendance for the handing over of the equipment were the Minister of Higher Education Mr. Jean Jaeques Sansze, Rector of the University Mr. Jean Laurent Syssa Magale and representatives from Ecolog International. Featuring 17 fully equipped computers, the lab is designed to support students and teachers with computer literacy, research skills and increased access to information. Minister Sansze noted that Ecolog’s involvement was pioneering and that he was confident others in the business community would follow Ecolog’s lead. The Minister also stated that he hoped that the cooperation between Ecolog and the University of Bangui would grow further. With this in mind, Ecolog is working to develop a trainee programme that creates job opportunities for university students. Chief Marketing Officer Kaan Savul highlighted the relationship between information technology and economic development and reinstated Ecolog’s firm commitment to supporting education, training and economic development in the CAR.

Bangui University Rector Jean Laurent Syssa Magale who attended the special ceremony highlighted the importance of this donation to the students.

“Without a doubt, this will help and support them during their education here. I look forward to further cooperation with Ecolog in different levels of our University’s needs in the future”.

Ecolog directly employs over 600 people in the region and has local contracts with over 35 local suppliers. The company provides transport and logistics services to peacekeeping missions in the CAR, and aggressively employs a philosophy of local recruitment and enrichment of local communities through educational initiatives and diverse stakeholder partnerships. In addition, Ecolog has been supporting the peacekeeping mission in the CAR since 2014, managing the reliable delivery of food and water to 33 different locations in the country.