Ecolog exhibit at Mining Indaba

Dubai, February 21st 2017

Investing in African Mining Indaba is the world’s largest mining investment conference and the largest mining event in Africa, held annually for the last twenty years in Cape Town, South Africa. Ecolog, a leading turnkey solutions provider in camp construction and camp services was again present this year, with an exhibition booth.

Mining Indaba unites investors, mining companies, governments and other stakeholders from around the world, not only to advance mining on the continent, but also to support education, career development, sustainable development, and other important causes in Africa.

An agenda shared by Ecolog, whose projects employ, train and develop 90%+ of its employees locally and source local products, materials and equipment.

While on the environmental front, the company has implemented comprehensive waste management solutions, including local recycling, to minimize the environmental footprint of our projects.

The recent uptick in commodity prices was a subject of optimism for the industry, while iron, copper and tin in particular have been rising steadily, after years of downturn. The World Bank recently confirmed these trends, with forecasted continuous growth and metal prices increasing by 11% in 2017, supported by strong Chinese demand and tightening supply.

The event was an opportunity for Ecolog to present some of the company’s dedicated services to the needs of the Mining industry, in particular flexible and modular camp construction solutions and a comprehensive offering of camp management services.

Ecolog recognizes that a reliable supply chain is a key component to a mine construction project and later its operations, in particular when the site is remote or affected by adverse climatic conditions. Ecolog has built expertise in overcoming such challenges, with a track record for delivering on complex projects on the African continent, in locations such as Central African Republic and Mali.