Ecolog exhibit at AUSA 2016

In line with its commitment to supporting Governments and Defense organisations, including the US Army, Ecolog was present at one of the largest land defense expositions and professional development forums in the world, the AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition.

ausa-2017It was an ideal occasion to pursue conversations engaged with current partners in leveraging on Ecolog’s capabilities as a turnkey solutions provider. This year, the focus was also put on the company’s expertise and experience in Food Logistics, Rapid Deployment as well as Camp Support Services under the Mobile City concept, all key components to armed forces swift deployments.

Over the last years, Ecolog has developed an impressive supply chain and logistics operations, providing food and potable water to well over 30,000 peacekeeping troops in Mali, Central African Republic and Haiti, resulting in a monthly movement in excess of 8,000 tons of goods. Furthermore, committed to supporting the local economies, Ecolog has been consistently sourcing products locally in the context of these operations, with more than 25% of the volumes purchased in these countries, whilst fulfilling all the quality standards.

ausa-2017-2In a context of fast evolving security situations, armed forces are increasingly confronted to the need of deploying quickly and be able to rely on a contractor capable of responding to such challenges. To fulfill this need, Ecolog has developed comprehensive solutions packages, allowing the complete deployment of a 200-man camp in 30 days and a 1,000-man camp in 60 days.

For almost two decades, Ecolog has been growing organically its know-how and expertise to eventually be able to offer today a one stop shop solution in camp management and operations. As a demonstration of its drive and innovative spirit, Ecolog introduced the Mobile City concept, a modular, customizable solution to military and civilian settlements, offering a pragmatic and sustainable approach to dramatically improve quality of life of its inhabitants.

The announcements of these capabilities were well received and follow Ecolog’s ongoing success as a partner of choice, no matter how challenging the context and the mission may be.