NewsJanuary 17, 2019

Ecolog continues its CSR commitment and assists Al Nasr community in Iraq with mobile teaching facilities

Ecolog representatives, local school officials and future students of the new mobile school gather together to celebrate the installation of the brand new units that will serve as school premises after catapstrophic floods destroyed schools in November 2018

Located just sixty kilometres southwest of Baghdad, the community of Al Nasr  came together in December 2018 to celebrate as the Ecolog team in Iraq delivered and installed brand new mobile units that will be used as school facilities for over 100 children. Last November, heavy storms in the region together with high tides caused untold damage in the Iraqi city of Al Nasr. With the primary school fabricated from bricks made out of soil, the school was decimated by the rains leaving more than 100 students without a place to receive their daily lessons. The Ecolog team in Iraq responded urgently to calls for assistance from the community. Finally, after a month, Ecolog handed over facilities to the local community. Using the modular building technology that the company has provided to many of its clients, the team worked with the Al Nasr community to give its students the chance to return to school.

Project Manager Barlet Etemi and Iraq Country Quality and Safety Manager Shekelqim Salii explained that Ecolog was able open their hearts to the community with whom they work closely with. “For us it was not just about working in our camps in isolation, but supporting the local communities that help us get our everyday jobs done. As employees representing Ecolog, we know that our mission is to empower the local community. In this case it was a humanitarian situation. There was no way we could ignore our community partners”.

In attendance at the handing over of the mobile classrooms were the District School Director Mr. Hussam Khadhim and Thiqar Oil Company Manager Mr. Hazim Mohammed. The company provides transport and logistics services to various companies and peacekeeping missions in Iraq, and continues to aggressively employs a philosophy of local recruitment and enrichment of local communities through educational initiatives and diverse stakeholder partnerships.

NewsJanuary 17, 2019