Ecolog to attend AUSA 2016

The AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition, one of the largest land defense expositions and professional development forums in the world, which gathers over 500 industry and military exhibitors, will be held next October 3rd to 5th, in Washington DC.

More than 26,000 attendees, including senior leaders from the U.S. Army, DoD and Congress, as well as foreign dignitaries attend every year, and Ecolog will, once again, be part of this milestone event which provides a unique opportunity to showcase its one-stop-shop solutions services to key Army and DoD decision-makers.

This year, a special focus will be made on three specific areas of Ecolog portfolio of services, which are strategic to any military deployment and operations in the world and for which the company has proven its capabilities and efficiency, including Rapid Deployment, Food Logistics and Camp Support Services.

With more than a thousand projects delivered with no mission failure, Ecolog has been steadily building its capabilities to become the partner of choice, praised for its commitment and focus on getting the job done, no matter how difficult the conditions.

The UCATEX 1,000-man camp delivered in Bangui, Central African Republic, in support to the deployment of EUFOR in the country, is a vivid example of such achievements, as highlighted on the European Union website. Since then, Ecolog has been developing specific packages to allow for the deployment of state of the art 200 man-camps in 30 days and 1,000 man-camps in 60 days, which will be showcased at the event.

Similarly, Ecolog has been building an exemplary demonstration of the reliability of it supply chain and logistics capabilities, routinely moving 8,000 tons of food per month in the context of its support operations to deployed personnel.

A good example of the complexity of such operations, most of the time in challenging environment, is the contract to provide the 12,000 peacekeeping troops of the United Nations in Mali with food and potable water, to more than 20 locations, in a country almost two times the size of Texas.

As a company which has been working side by side with the US Army, in Afghanistan since 2002 and in Iraq since 2003, Ecolog will also this year be present, at a time when the armed forces require more flexibility and responsiveness than ever before for its support services.