Ecolog attends NATO Logistics Committee

As part of the Berlin Security Conference, Mr. Andre Hansen represented Ecolog on a panel discussion, on “Contractor Support to Operations – a way to enhance sustainability”.
Subject of the discussion was NATO’s engagement with Industry in order to ensure the Alliance has a robust civil/military logistics structure and supporting capabilities.


The Committee highly appreciated Mr. Hansen’s presentation, which provided a strategic view into the commercial sector, illustrated with best practices, experience and lessons learned from his own extensive experience in the field and Ecolog’s strong track record in turnkey support solutions.

Ecolog’s capabilities were illustrated at a booth displaying some of Ecolog’s services dedicated to the needs of the Alliance, such as rapid deployment, engineering and construction, as well as logistics.

ecolog-attends-nato-logistic-committee-2For example, a reliable supply chain is a key component to an effective armed forces deployment, as demonstrated by Ecolog for the EUFOR mission in the Central African Republic, with the UCATEX project.

This mission, for which a complex construction of a 1,000-man camp was realized in record time, and followed by full camp services, is considered a resounding success.
Testament to the success is the information  on the project on the European Union website.

Mr. Andre Hansen said: “We could see that the performance and breadth of Ecolog services are well known in decision-making circles. In many conversations, we discussed possibilities for cooperation and were able to present short-term solutions in individual cases. ”

Berlin, October 5th 2016