Ecolog Announces Executive Management Changes

  • António Gonçalves steps down as a CEO of Ecolog International
  • Peter Esser and Islam Ceka appointed as Group General Managers
  • Positioning the Company for the Next Phase

Dubai –  The Founder and Chairman of Ecolog International, Nazif Destani, today announced that António Gonçalves will step down as Chief Executive Officer on September 1, 2014. In the course of the new corporate structure the company will be lead by an Executive Board comprised of two Group General Managers: Peter Esser is appointed as Group General Manager of Strategy and Development, and Islam Ceka as Group General Manager of Administration and Operations. António Gonçalves leaves the CEO position after four years of service and will continue to contribute to the strategic leadership of the Company as a Director of the Board for the Oil and Gas Sector.

Nazif Destani, said: “Antonio has successfully restructured the company, strengthened our global footprint and re-focused the business. I am grateful to António for his leadership, integrity and resilience in leading Ecolog through the changes and for positioning it so well for the future. We are glad that Antonio will stay with us and look forward to his continued contribution in his new position as Director of the Board for the Oil and Gas Sector.”

Mr. Gonçalves said: “Ecolog is very well positioned for continued profitability and growth. Now is the right time for someone else to take the helm, while I will focus on my area of specialization and strive to increase Ecolog´s exposure in the Oil and Gas Sector.”

The latest changes are also in function of Ecolog’s next phase of expansion in Africa, Middle East, Latin America and other emerging markets.

About Ecolog International

Ecolog is a global infrastructure specialist that delivers end-to-end services to commercial, non-governmental, and government clients all around the world.

Ecolog build’s facilities and accommodation, set up waste and supplies chain management, manage complex facilities, and provide catering, sanitation and staff – around the clock, anywhere in the world.

Ecolog specializes in creating secure, self-contained camps for as many people as necessary, and doing so in the most challenging places on earth, from Mali to Mongolia. The expertise gained on the cutting edge of infrastructure delivery enables us to provide services to municipalities from Baghdad to Maputo, oil platforms and refugee camps, and the world’s largest mining operations. Our clients include Total, General Electric, Bechtel, PETRONAS, Samsung, Fluor as well NSPA, the German Federal Forces, US Army, Economat de L’Armees, EUFOR, United Nations. Since our founding in 1998, we have delivered more than 950 projects – on target, on budget, and on time.

Whatever our clients need, wherever they need it: we set it up.