Delivering Stability Within Instability

Navigating the complexities for the provision of services for clients in the world’s most remote locations is a challenge that Ecolog has made into a thriving business. However, being at the helm of this type of business operation is one of the most challenging positions of leadership that one can envision. Safety of employees, lack of infrastructure and navigating national regulations are just some of the operational hurdles that exist in the global services business. Chief Executive Officer Ali Vezvaei explores these issues in a feature in the latest edition of CEO Today magazine. Entitled “Delivering Stability Within Instability”, critical issues related to employee safety and security are addressed. Mr. Vezvaei explains that the company’s employees are of paramount importance when it comes Ecolog’s international operations. The Ecolog CEO opens the article by citing the company’s most important asset, its people.

“The first rule in business is trust and respect. We have to earn the respect of the people we are there to help, and this in turn provides a certain level of safety to deliver our services. The best way to achieve this is to bring local communities into the mix by creating opportunities for employment, training and local supply chain development.”

The article goes on to speak about the company’s commitment to the UN Global Compact and outlines its strategies to deliver on the 10 key goals of the programme. The full article can be viewed by clicking here. For more information about this story and other media enquires contact