Corporate Governance and Global Initiatives

Ecolog continues its pursuit of implementing a transparent global corporate culture. To achieve this, the highest standards of corporate governance are required throughout the company’s operations. With this in mind, we have been committed to the UN Global Compact and are also TRACEcertified. These initiatives are the most recognised in the industry as setting the standards for commercial transparency.

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

Ecolog is committed to responsible, sustainable business practices; while positively contributing to the quality of life of our employees, the communities in which we operate & beyond, and aiming for environmental excellence. Hence, since joining the UNGC initiative in 2018, Ecolog has continued to demonstrate support and make progress on its pledges to key initiatives – with particular focus on labor/environmental standards, ethics and conduct, data protection, reporting / whistleblowing, vendor vetting, anti-bribery, amongst many others.

Ecolog is dedicated to providing a safe, secure and ethical working environment with open, honest and transparent communications. Ecolog’s reputation, as a trustworthy provider of services, depends on the integrity and ethics of every one of its employees. To protect the long-term interests of all our stakeholders, at Ecolog we ensure that, we:

  • Conduct business in an ethical manner, meeting national & international regulations;
  • Recognize safety, health, & environmental considerations as basic elements of our business strategies;
  • Value diversity and respect the individuality of each employee and client; and
  • Contribute to the communities in which we operate.

Since 2018 Ecolog International has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and maintains an annual GC Active Level status in terms of the UN Global Compact reporting requirements. Provided herewith is the annual Ecolog Communication on Progress (COP) Report – as also uploaded on the UNGC website.

TRACEcertification for Ecolog International

Ecolog continues to work towards demonstrating that we operate by the strictest ethical, compliance and regulatory standards. With this in mind, we are proud to announce that we have completed certification from TRACE International (“TRACE”), a globally recognized anti-bribery business organization.

TRACEcertification ID: TC4192-7893

“TRACE has completed a TRACEcertification due diligence review of Ecolog International FZE. Certification by TRACE signifies that Ecolog International FZE has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process. TRACEcertification underscores Ecolog International FZE’s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions.” Review our full TRACE Certified due diligence report at TRACE International by searching for Ecolog International FZE.

TRACEcertification ID: TC4192-7893

Our decision to become TRACE Certified is a proactive approach which demonstrates our firm promise to provide quality service and products to all our valued clients while demonstrating our commitment to commercial transparency.

By completing TRACEcertification annually, Ecolog keeps up to date on corporate governance initiatives and developments by having staff attend TRACE compliance workshops and ensuring that our personnel are also trained using TRACE’s multilingual online training tools. We are confident that being part of TRACE’s Intermediary Database underscores our commitment to commercial transparency and provides a valuable compliance credential that is needed to demonstrate our reputation as a trusted service provider. Ecolog is also a member of TRACE, an internationally recognized business association with hundreds of multinational member companies committed to raising the standard of anti-bribery compliance.


Corporate Governance and Global InitiativesCorporate Governance and Global Initiatives